Gospel Heritage (Pioneers, Trailblazers and Game-changers)

Instructor: Dr. Teresa Hairston
SESSION 1 - 1/7(S), 1/10*, 1/14 (S)
SESSION 2 - 2/21, 2/28*, 3/7
SESSION 3 - 4/4*, 4/11, 4/18

The primary goal of this course is to provide an accurate history of the contributions of various individuals who are the pioneers, trailblazers, and game-changers of gospel music, and the significant periods in the evolution of gospel music.

Dr. Teresa Hairston

Dr. Teresa Hairston is an internationally known and respected pioneer, scholar and historian and journalist in the field of Gospel music and ministry. In 1989, she established Gospel Today Magazine, a publication she launched with an investment of only $300, that ran for 23 plus. Gospel Today grew to become the longest running and most widely- distributed Urban Christian Lifestyle magazine in history.

Dr. Hairston established the Gospel Heritage Foundation in 1994, a non-profit organization established to “preserve the gospel heritage and perpetuate the gospel legacy” through education. Over the years, GHF’s annual International Worship Summit, has been attended by thousands of people from across the world and became the genre’s leading praise & worship gathering. In 2017, she relinquished her leadership and passed the torch to international Gospel artist, Vashawn Mitchell.

Dr. Hairston is currently based in Atlanta, GA. She is an ordained elder, preacher and teacher. She is also a Certified (John Maxwell) Coach and works as a publishing coach, consultant and ghostwriter. She also hosts a weekly TV show, “Higher Impact” which airs on the Impact TV Network as well as serves as a host for WATC Channel 57 flagship show, “Atlanta Live.”

Dr. Hairston is the author of eight nationally distributed books: ”How to Pursue Your Purpose" (2010);

"Stop Waiting...StartWinning:10 Essential Principles to Living Your Vision Now!" (pub. by Destiny Image, 2014);

"A Worshiper's Handbook"(pub by Gospel Heritage Foundation 2015); "Wisdom For Everyday Life (Devotional, 2017);

"The Ultimate Flight Plan for Self-Publishing Your Book" (2018); “Making Worship A Lifestyle” (2019);

“7 Deadly Sins of First-Time Authors” (2020, Amazon.com) “UNSTOPPABLE” (2021, books2liveby.com)